Privacy statement

Privacy Statement


RoomPlaza values your online security. Therefore we try everything to protect the security of our users and their accounts and take steps continuously to provide a secure experience for our users.


RoomPlaza complies to the European Law for Data Security. All data is sent over an encrypted connection from your browser to our server (HTTPS). This can be verified by checking if the lock icon is shown in the browser address bar (URL). Furthermore we aim to always use the latest available security information to secure our servers, application and other services to ensure your data is safe.


RoomPlaza does not store any financial data on our platform.


However if you think you’ve discovered a potential security threat that affects you or other users, please report it by emailing our support team directly at support@roomplaza.com.




RoomPlaza uses cookies for basic website functionality and improvements. Cookies recognises users that have been on the website before and sends information contained that cookie back to the site. Besides that we also use cookies together with 3rd party analytics services such as Google Analytics to better understand how our customers use the website and improve it based on these findings. The information is not used for any other kind of usage than informed about or is shared with any kind of alternate organisations for usage.