About us

RoomPlaza is the platform where (international) students can book their accommodation entirely online.


RoomPlaza was founded in 2014. The platform brings the supply and demand of (furnished) student flatshare apartments in the Netherlands together in an effective way. RoomPlaza is an online platform where international students -looking for a flatshare apartment abroad- and landlords -offering housing solutions- meet. Everybody is able to rent a property from his/her country of origin or residence anywhere in the world.


Booking a flatshare at RoomPlaza is safe, secure and only takes about 5 minutes! By helping to find a suitable property for you we want to make sure that you can excel at your study and have a good time in the Netherlands. Assisting in finding the right accommodation for every student is the challenge that we get our satisfaction out of.


The founders have been studying both in the Netherlands and abroad. We know how exciting yet difficult it is to move to a different country with other norms and values. We are here to help you with one of the major problems when moving abroad, finding a suitable accommodation.

Next to this we enjoy working with international students and still have a network in students’ communities. Besides that we have affinity with real estate and facility management. The best of both worlds come together in RoomPlaza’s activities.